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Example: Using a JSONP datasource (delicious)

Using a JSONP datasource (delicious)


<div id="field-container"></div>



YUI().use('inputex-autocomplete', 'autocomplete-filters', 'autocomplete-highlighters', function(Y) {

    // Example 2: Delicious autocompleter

    // Delicious DataSource using a JSFunction
    // Delicious.posts is set by the script included in the page

    var deliciousAC = new Y.inputEx.AutoComplete({

       label: 'Search my delicious bookmarks',
       description: 'Try "javascript" or "rails"',
       parentEl: 'field-container', 
       name: 'chosen_url',

       // Format the hidden value (value returned by the form)
       returnValue: function(post) {
          return post.u; // return post URL
       // Autocompleter options
       autoComp: {
          source: '{callback}',
          forceSelection: true,
          minQueryLength: 2,
          maxResultsDisplayed: 50,
          resultFilters: 'subWordMatch',
          resultHighlighter: 'subWordMatch',
          resultTextLocator: 'd'

    Y.Node.create("<button>GetValue</button>").appendTo('#log-container').on('click', function() {
       alert( deliciousAC.getValue() );