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Example: Basic checkbox

How to create a checkbox field.

Basic CheckBox creation

Use the following code to create a basic inputEx CheckBox.

With a label

Add the label

Default returned values

By default, the CheckBox returns true if checked, false otherwise.

Changing the returned values

You can return different values if needed.

Updated event

How to listen to the updated event :

Disabling checkboxes

How to enable/disable a checkbox :

Require the checking of the box

Simply add the "required" option in the config.


<div id="field-container"></div>



YUI().use('inputex-checkbox', function(Y){ 
    // example 1
    new Y.inputEx.CheckBox({ parentEl: 'container1' });
    // example 2
    new Y.inputEx.CheckBox({
        label: 'Do you like inputEx ?',
        rightLabel: 'Check me !',
        parentEl: 'container2',
        value: false
    // example 3
    var field3 = new Y.inputEx.CheckBox({
        rightLabel: 'I return true/false',
        parentEl: 'container3'
    Y.Node.create("<button>getValue()</button>").appendTo('#container3').on('click', function() {
        alert( field3.getValue() );
    // example 4
    var field4 = new Y.inputEx.CheckBox({
        parentEl: 'container4',
        rightLabel: 'Do you agree ?',
        sentValues: ['Yes', 'No'],
        value: 'Yes'
    Y.Node.create("<button>getValue()</button>").appendTo('#container4').on('click', function() {
      alert( field4.getValue() );
    Y.Node.create("<button>setValue('No')</button>").appendTo('#container4').on('click', function() {
    Y.Node.create("<button>setValue('Yes')</button>").appendTo('#container4').on('click', function() {

    // example 5
    var el ='#container5');
    var field5 = new Y.inputEx.CheckBox({ parentEl: el });
    var logDiv ='div', null, null, "Log :");
    field5.on('updated', function(value) {
        logDiv.innerHTML += "Updated at "+(new Date())+" with value : "+value;
    // example 6
    var dc = new Y.inputEx.CheckBox({label: 'Disable', parentEl: 'container6'});

    // example 7
    var rc = new Y.inputEx.CheckBox({
        label: 'Accept the "Terms of Service"?',
        required: true,
        parentEl: 'container7'
    });'#container7').append('<br /><button>validate()</button>').one('button').on('click', function () {
        window.alert("valid: " + rc.validate());