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Example: Basic email field creation

How to create a email field.

Basic EmailField creation

Use the following code to create a basic inputEx EmailField.

EmailField with MX correction

Use the following code to help people fix typos in MX:

EmailField rejecting disposable email addresses

Use the following code to reject disposable domains in your registration forms:


<div id="field-container"></div>



YUI().use('inputex-email', function(Y) {

    // Example 1
    var field = new Y.inputEx.EmailField({parentEl: 'container1', showMsg: true });

    var logDiv ='div', null, null, "Log :");'#container1').appendChild(logDiv);
    field.on('updated', function(val) {
        logDiv.innerHTML += "Updated at "+(new Date())+" with value: "+val;
    // Example 2
    var field2 = new Y.inputEx.EmailField({parentEl: 'container2', showMsg:true, fixdomain:true, description:"Try," });

    var logDiv2 ='div', null, null, "Log :");'#container2').appendChild(logDiv2);
    field2.on('updated', function(val) {
       logDiv2.innerHTML += "Updated at "+(new Date())+" with value: "+val;
    // Example 3
    var field3 = new Y.inputEx.EmailField({parentEl: 'container3', showMsg:true, disallowDisposable:true, description:"Try," });

    var logDiv3 ='div', null, null, "Log :");'#container3').appendChild(logDiv3);
    field3.on('updated', function(val) {
       logDiv3.innerHTML += "Updated at "+(new Date())+" with value: "+val;